Festival 2020


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Fiction/ Documentary/ Animation


Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
THE FILM is uploaded halfway/ We would upload the right version soon.
The day after a wife murdered her husband, the incident is discussed in a beauty salon were a soon to be wife is in a rush to get ready for her wedding.


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We forgot that home is nothing more than a place you can get expulsed from.
A critical look at the 2006 Rotterdam Act, that made it possible to reject inhabitants under specific income and educational levels in certain neighbourhoods. City Poet Dean Bowen compares this gentrification to the Biblical Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

Freedom, Romania!

Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
romania, revolution, shortfilm, student film, comedy, drama, communism.
Dad, her daughter and his problematic son are anxiously waiting for mom to come home from work all while the Romanian Revolution of 1989 is erupting.


Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
It seems that what is just is not necessarily just.
The protagonist, who had a career shift from a court-room reporter to a one-person media reporter, gains a mysterious power from chestnut and uses this power to find his/her news. However, she takes on step further to pass judgment of her own, deciding who the victims the perpetrators are by pulling the strings of the public opinion.

The Followers

Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
A voice of hope!
A team of detectives stop Jesus an enigmatic and powerful influencer that can be a danger to society or a voice of hope.

The Particular Year In China

Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
That Particular Year in China
Stuck at home at the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak in China, a family decides to entertain themselves by making a film.

The Tax

Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
With the near future, where the fourth industrial revolution has taken place, and the employment rate and marriage rate plummeting, the government will enact a bill to regularly tax sperm and eggs for healthy adults aged 18-45. In a blind spot in the law where the illegal tax market has been formed, teenager Yeon Hee receives a business card by an illegal proxy tax broker.. Can Yeon Hee really defend herself in this absurd system?

A Virtual Dream

Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
In order not to go crazy in confinement, a lonely filmmaker has to fight for the attention and care of distant friends and acquaintances.
A spontaneous idea to use contemporary means to make a movie while #staying@home brings the director, usually reluctant to appear on camera to open up personally and seek contact via Skype, Facetime etc. And because we all have a number of people in our circle of friends that we regularly, kind of, talk to, why not contact them ones one knows the least about? First attempts are not welcoming, some people are simply not answering (or ever calling back!), some are at work (when there is officially no work!) and some are simply busy with their families. Until we come across those who spend their evenings drinking wine or smoking joints. And those who, stranded in faraway countries, strive to reconnect and together reflect on both mankind's and the world's condition seeking to soothe each other's anxieties and fill the void of human interactions.

At the Other End of the Table

Availability ended 16/11/2020 CET
He tries to talk to her again. As usual, she seems very distant. But how can that be? She’s only at the other end of the table.


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